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Fall/ Winter 2018


Dear Prospective Student,
Thank you for your interest in our Income Tax School based right here in Los Angeles, CA. In our current economic climate, time is money therefore your time is extremely valuable. In consideration of you time, we are offering live classes with an online twist. Our comprehensive course will have 2 live 3-hour sessions per week for 10 weeks. Below are the dates and times of the Comprehensive Income tax Course class scheduled for Fall/Winter 2018. Enclose is a flyer with more information, along with a registration form.

The total cost for the In Class program is $299 including all books and materials.
The total cost for the Online program is $250 including all books and materials.

The comprehensive course is designed to qualify individuals for employment as tax professionals. The course is also great for those who want to understand their tax situation better or want to learn to save on their own taxes. Although employment is not required or guaranteed, the course is High Speed Tax’s main source of entry-level associates. High Speed Tax will interview qualified graduates interested in employment this fall for the 2018 tax season, which begins in January. Should you have an interest in the course and are not able to attend the live classes please contact us as we do have online classes available for students’ interest in employment
with High Speed Tax.

Below are topics that will be covered in the course:

  • Electronic Filing Sale of Real Estate
  • W-2 & 1099 Forms Depreciation
  • Filing Status Self-employment
  • Exemptions & Dependents Rental Property
  • Earned Income Tax Credit Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Child Care & Tax Credits Capital Gains & Losses
  • Interest & Dividends Education expenses
  • Other Income IRA & Retirement Plans
  • Adjustments to Income Electronic Filing
  • Tax Law Updates Interview Techniques
  • Employee Business Expenses ACA
  • Itemized Deductions Tax-Savings Ideas

High Speed Tax is a progressive, fast-growing Los Angeles company founded in 2013. Our tax associates enjoy a very friendly,
positive office atmosphere, as well as top pay.

Classes begin the week of September 16th
Location Days & Times
3420 W Slauson Ave Suite B
Los Angeles, CA 90043 | Location may be updated!

Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:30pm -9:30pm
Additional class(time & date) may be added

Certificates are awarded after successful completion of each course. Software and company training will be available for all
applicants who are hired for seasonal employment with High Speed Tax.
If you have any questions, please call us at (833) 478-1040.
High Speed Tax
P. S HURRY! Space is limited. Registrants accepted in the order received.

“What is the advantage of using your service opposed to other programs?”

I prefer to have a conversation highlighting all the great things about our courses, and let you decide which program will work best for you based on your learning needs. Since you have been researching our courses, I will not focus on the content of the programs so much as how they work.

How do the courses work?

(I find that this is important as this is a self-study, self paced, online program. You want to make sure that your learning style will mesh well with the way the material is delivered.)

In our courses, you will read material, print out material, work through learning activities, review questions, quizzes and/or tests offline and plug in your answers online for automated grading. You need to complete each item in the order that it appears. You will need to complete each chapter in the order that it appears as well. This is a self-study/self-paced program where you have a 6 month term limit to complete all 20 chapters.

Course Name # of Chapters # of Modules # of Quizzes # of Final Exam Estimated Time Per Chapter
Comprehensive 20 4 8 4 6-9 hours

Please keep in mind the estimated time per chapter is an average and depends greatly on the student’s comprehension of the subject matter, how quickly they work, and the time the student has to dedicate to studying.  All chapters may not take as long as stated, while others may take longer.

We teach students how to actually prepare tax returns manually, and we provide expert instructor support by email.  Practical application by preparing actual tax returns results in the tax preparation knowledge being internalized and our quizzes and exams also serve to confirm student learning.  You learn how to prepare returns without using tax preparation software with our comprehensive online tax courses. By preparing practice tax returns manually instead of having tax software do it for you, you will learn the tax laws and be prepared to correctly prepare tax returns. The tax returns that you are preparing are based on real-life scenarios. That enables you to internalize the knowledge and gives you a solid foundation you can continue to build on. We follow up with quizzes and an exam to make sure that the knowledge is really sinking in. You can download the quizzes and exam beforehand and prepare them off-line at your own pace. Input your answers online when you are confident with your answers.

We teach tax preparation—not tax preparation to one particular software. This way, you can learn the art of tax preparation and apply it critically to different types of software. Remember: Software is only really as good as the operator who is using—if you don’t have the knowledge, you won’t know if you are asking the right questions.

For example, the Comprehensive Tax Course Career Package teaches you the fundamentals of federal tax law. And we don’t just teach you the law, you also learn how to apply it in your review questions and learning activities by preparing practice tax returns.

Most national chain courses (like H&R Block) generally offer a program where there is an employment requirement of some sort after you take the program. If there is not, then you need to see if the course is LIVE, what will be taught- how long is the program as well as the access time to materials. If it is an online based program, you can take the information I gave you and compare it to those programs to see what will best suit your needs.

(there is audio and visual in the demo- but there is not audio and visual in the actual course)

Do I have to pay in full now?

(Sometimes, students want to take our programs but cannot make the full investment right away. I like that we have payment plans to make sure the possibility of learning taxes is financially more feasible)

We do have payment plan options available for both COMPREHENSIVE course options.

I think I have given you some great information needed to make an informed decision for your tax education needs. Please let me know if you have any additional questions, and I do hope you decide to join us as a student!

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High Speed Tax is proud to announce our Tuition Free Tax School! We are looking for individuals with people skills interesting in becoming an income tax professional. Our classes are flexible and taught by a skilled High Speed Tax professional. This is your opportunity to learn to earn. Classes are starting soon. Space is limited.

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